GoodCoins can be exchanged for social benefit around the world

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COPE Galway, Ireland

Waterside House of COPE Galway provides emergency accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

 Ǥ 6,270,000 provides one person three months of refuge from domestic violence


Charleston Waterkeeper, South Carolina

Charleston Waterkeeper’s mission is to protect, promote, and restore the quality of Charleston's waterways while ensuring the public’s right to swimmable, drinkable, fishable water.

Ǥ 102,000 pays for one water quality test

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Pro Mujer, Bolivia

Pro Mujer delivers training on financial best practices and responsible borrowing, as well as providing micro-loans to businesses in Central and Latin American countries.

Ǥ 133,000 covers the cost of a business micro-loan to an entrepreneurial woman