A new charitable foundation titled The GoodCoin Foundation has officially opened its doors, announcing former Charleston, SC-based Coastal Community Foundation CEO George Stevens as President and CEO.

The GoodCoin Foundation is an independent, public charity that funds causes worldwide using GoodCoins, a digital currency that can only be used for social good. The Foundation's vocation is to use technology to help foster new ways for nonprofits to raise funds, for businesses to contribute to those nonprofits and for people to participate more actively and meaningfully in daily acts of giving back to their communities. Since GoodCoins must be spent to be effective, The GoodCoin Foundation strives to distribute GoodCoins rather than build endowments.

Through a range of partnerships with businesses from the Fortune 500 to small businesses, The GoodCoin Foundation directs new money across a digital platform toward organizations and efforts that holders of GoodCoins care about. After carefully vetting prospective grantees, The GoodCoin Foundation seeks to strengthen the relationship between grantees and the people who are passionate about them.

As CEO and President, Dr. George Stevens states, "The GoodCoin Foundation shortens the distance between people with purpose, and causes that align with that personal purpose. The Foundation is unusual in the grant-making sector because it is driven by thousands of individual charitable actions, rather than by a relatively small number of large donors."

Dr. Stevens comes to The GoodCoin Foundation after 30 years of working in the nonprofit and community foundation fields.  He was nationally elected to serve on the Community Foundation Leadership Team of the Council on Foundations in 2008, where he served as a representative there for six years.  While in that role, he saw the limitations of traditional relationships between grantees and grantors.  "Rather than expanding the pool of funds available to them, grantees tapped the same pool of potential funders repeatedly in a kind of musical chairs," he said in a recent interview.  He sees The GoodCoin Foundation "as a way to tap a vast ocean of funds arising from those seeking to provide purpose for themselves, their employees, and their customers."


The GoodCoin Foundation is an international charitable foundation that is dedicated to connecting people with their passions through social good. The GoodCoin Foundation funds worldwide causes through their unique currency, GoodCoins.