Millions of people engage with their banking and financial institutions over the internet.  What if within that trusted environment giving to charities was just as trustworthy and easy?  

The 72 million cardholders serviced through the 4,600 banking partners of FIS are about to find out.

The GoodCoin Foundation's President George Stevens announced today that a new partnership with FIS will create greater awareness of GoodCoins and the power of repeated gifts, deeper engagement of local banks with their local charities, more opportunities for matching gifts from banks to the causes their customers really care about, and ultimately more funding for the nonprofit sector. 

Bob Legters, Chief Product Officer of the FIS Payments Division, summed it up succinctly as: “A digital giving strategy that positions the bank at the center of this virtuous relationship is key for all parties...That means more money going towards good causes....[it] also means consumers don’t have to search for the websites of their preferred charities, and payments to multiple causes can be made from their familiar banking site or smartphone with just one click.

Here is how it works.