GoodCoin Foundation President and CEO George Stevens confirmed today that engagement rates for giving promotions via GoodCoins exceed by a factor of 10 the typical response rates for paper coupons. Redemption rates of GoodCoins in Western Australia averaged 25% compared to typical coupon redemption rates of less than 3%, confirming reports compiled by Access. In Ireland, UK rates were twice as high.  "What really pushes engagement is allowing the user to select their own cause to support." Stevens said.  As evidence, he pointed to the "long-tail" of charitable giving in GoodCoin campaigns where many charities receive only one or two donations.  "Behind each of those single gifts is one very satisfied person," Stevens said, "Those one-off gifts come from people who know the businesses giving GoodCoins really listened to them...because the company did."  Perhaps more surprising was that the charities receiving the greatest number of gifts were not the usual well-funded and well-marketed organizations.  Rather, they were local, often quirky charities that had a distinctive appeal (a blood delivery service that uses volunteer motorcyclists for midnight runs, a service that walks the dogs of the elderly, etc.).