In the most recent Giving USA report, charitable giving to foundations saw the largest growth in among all types of recipient organizations, increasing 15.5 percent.  While the increase in absolute dollar amounts is substantial, more impressive is the relative giving among organizations like religious organizations, international aid organizations, health organizations, human service organizations AND foundations.

To what can one attribute the uptick at foundations?  Yes, there were some large gifts from tech entrepreneurs, but what made their decision to give to intermediaries the right one?  Donations to foundations are ultimately on their way to all the other organizational categories...donors are simply putting off the final decisions on where the money goes.

While national-level pundits are not saying much about this yet it is likely that the complexity of the issues we face, the inability or unwillingness of small nonprofits to rapidly scale up, and the increasing awareness that multiple small organizations addressing the same issue are better than attempts by one massive organization, have all contributed to this trend.  Foundations serve as connectors, conveners, and least that is the aim of The GoodCoin Foundation.