We are dedicated to Supporting Social Benefit around the world

We have processed $3,806,122.29 for a wide array of charitable organizations.  

Here is a sampling.

We are dedicated to finding new sources of funding for Charities

We tap a vast pool of charitable funding that previously has been unavailable to all but the largest charities.  We make corporate social responsibility hyper-local and hype-lessly meaningful to customers and audiences.

We are dedicated to earning your trust 

We understand that to be trusted is to be honest and open.  As a US-based nonprofit organization we are highly regulated and designed to be completely transparent in our financial dealings.  You can see where your gifts go by reviewing our annually-mandated IRS 990 report.

take-home message:

99.5% of donations made to The GoodCoin Foundation

Are spent on making Grants to other charities.

We spent only 0.5% of our revenues on administration.

Want proof? Click on our Current IRS 990 (below) to see for yourself.